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Comprehensive Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

You are more than just one body part.

We use personalized physical therapy treatments with a whole-body approach.

Whether you're leaking urine when you sneeze, having to get up multiple times at night to urinate, wanting to improve your running or walking technique without leaking urine, trying to solve chronic low back pain, struggling with erectile dysfunction or prostatitis, or having pain during or after sex, we can help you!

Our specialist is certified to

treat you

Pelvic Prime is Aiken's premiere comprehensive pelvic floor physical therapy clinic. We are the ONLY clinic in the Aiken area that has an APTA orthopedic certified clinician that also specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Our focus on a whole body approach ensures that you are equipped with the tools you need to overcome a multitude of pelvic issues.

Our services are performed one-on-one by an educated and qualified professional following the most up to date research practices. We believe each client should experience a personalized physical therapy treatment plan with a whole body approach.


Our Services

Why choose Pelvic Prime

Veronica O

"Dr. Rea has helped ease my foot pain with dry needling and custom exercises - I can go for walks again! She has also helped the pelvic pain I've been experiencing during pregnancy through exercises and manual work, like massage. Dr. Rea is an excellent clinician and superb physical therapist. She is extremely tenacious when it comes to diagnosing and treating your pain! I appreciate that she takes a whole body approach - for example, my foot pain has altered my gait which is contributing to some of my hip pain - and she treats it all. I wholeheartedly recommend Pelvic Prime for all your PT needs!"

Sara T

"Dr. Hubbs is an expert in her field. She works diligently to get to the core of the issue and targets interventions to bring resolution. If the case is particularly tricky, she will relentlessly dig into research and current best practice to find the solution. Dr. Hubbs has inspired me to pick up running and has offered helpful videos on improving my running form. In addition to her excellent clinical skills, Dr. Hubbs is passionate, kind, and hilarious. I trust her completely with my care."

Ryan M

"Rea is an amazing Physical Therapist, who truly cares for her patients. She was wonderful to work with."

Wayne T

"Shandrea has a great balance of professionalism and personality. Her warmth, humor and passion make her a great person and she's great at what she does."

Our Location

Houndslake Wellness Center

920 Houndslake Dr

Aiken, SC 29803

Upcoming Events:

Dr. Rea will be presenting at the Aiken County Family YMCA on November 1, 10:00AM to 11:00AM. She will be discussing a common problem many people experience as they age - urinary incontinence. Come learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor so that you can continue aging happily and healthily!