Running Analysis

Running is a great sport and a great way to stay healthy. Unfortunately, running is also associated with a high risk of injury.

"Up to 50% of people who run regularly, will experience more than one injury each year" - Tschopp & Brunner, 2017

A running analysis helps you to figure out how to improve your running form by evaluating your running biomechanics. An analysis can help you recover from an injury faster, and even better, help you to avoid future injuries.

At Pelvic Prime, we use video analysis and the MAT system to locate areas of weakness and determine if your current running pattern is putting you at risk of injury, causing symptoms, or aggravating your symptoms.

If you're one of the 50%, let us help you recover and then find the biomechanical fault that created the injury.

Tschopp M, Brunner F. [Diseases and overuse injuries of the lower extremities in long distance runners]. Zeitschrift fur Rheumatologie. 2017;76(5):443-50.